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External Area along Drury Street, Drury Street, Glasgow, G2 5AA

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Licence NumberOCC35237
Licence HolderROLYAT 1 LTD
Date Received2020-07-08 (16 months, 21 days)
PremisesExternal Area along Drury Street
Drury Street
G2 5AA
Description of PremisesOutside deating araes located on Drury Street
ActivitiesService of Food, Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Drinks
Start Date2021-04-26
End Date2022-03-31
Alcohol SalesOn Sales
DecisionMonday to Sunday -11.00am to 10.00pm
Date of Decision2021-04-24 (-18741 days)
Public Nuisance (Outdoor Area)
Childrens Condition (Outdoor Area)

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