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Terrace, 101 Portman Street, Glasgow, G41 1EJ

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Licence NumberOCC35352
Licence HolderMichael Grieve
Date Received2021-06-07 (5 months, 23 days)
101 Portman Street
G41 1EJ
Description of PremisesRoof Terrace, 4th floor of the Loft Office Building at The Schoolhouse
ActivitiesFood and soft drinks, teas, coffees etc. Visual projections. Ambient background music will be played in line with Scottish Government guidance and appropriately risk assessed.
Start Date2021-06-18
End Date2022-03-31
Alcohol SalesOn Sales
DecisionMonday to Sunday -11.00am to 10.00pm
Date of Decision2021-06-18 (-18796 days)
Public Safety (Events)
Public Nuisance (Event Sound)
Childrens Condition (Outdoor Area)

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