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>Had there been anyone there who was affiliated with the BLM or Antifa movements I would have gladly stood alongside them

As a member of the press, I would expect some sort of non-partisanship from Tommy. This statement throws up some seriously legitimacy claims to the story. I also wonder why a press member would be apart of a group that wants to enforce mob justice on public property.

> I move quickly and with purpose; I know which combo of punches I'm going to throw to start, and I'm excited

Sounds like he was there spoiling for a fight

I do not like that someone with a clear agenda was there spoiling for a fight under the cover of the press. I am no fan of those statue defenders and I am sure my political views are greatly different to them, but you cannot have mob justice. There is little legitimacy in pulling down a statue without some sort of a democratic process.

As for those statue defenders, arrests should be made appropriately. It is not their job to enforce "justice", or enact violence/abuse.
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