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I think it's good to get whatever praise the Rough Guides are dishing out. If it helps get the city noticed and encourages folk to visit then that's all it needs to do.
I remember a Lonely Planet guide at one time describing my mum's home city of Limerick as "hardscrabble" but "friendly" and felt the need to mention that while Limerick was once known as "stab city" that it was now no more dangerous than anywhere else. I'm paraphrasing bits from memory here but I'm sure the review didn't put the place on the list of many visitors. I suppose it was their honest opinion at the time but it really felt like they were kicking the place while it was trying to get back on its feet.

I think a good review or getting on one of the guide's good lists is definitely a plus. We could do to get a drive towards cleanest City next though 😏
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