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You understand fine well what you said was threatening in a sexually violent way - you were nothing but aggressive to me here and then you made it sexual. You're misogynist fucking scum and you know it. You just said you didn't make a comment at all, now you're saying you did make a comment and it wasn't what I said - you're a lying gaslightling prick and it's all up there for everyone to see. I'd delete your comments now if I were you. The fact that this ridiculous bullshit has resulted from a woman cyclist making a comment about male harassment would be ironic if it wasn't so fucking depressing. Now fuck off once and for all.
Reddit Linkhttps://www.reddit.com/r/glasgow/comments/nrknla/why_do_glaswegian_men_feel_the_need_to_shout_at/h0pjrvl/
CreatedSat 5th Jun 2021 6:58pm
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