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Note how your votes aren't changing on this and at least one other sub? No? Are you really that incapable of navigating this sub?

Guess it proves my theory about you being an outdated, near-extinct relic with opinions and points of view that would have been questionable 50 years ago, never mind now.

You make clear your contempt for those who have a culture different from yours and your clear inability to accept those seeking trans rights shows you up for the pathetic excuse for a person that you show yourself to be on a daily basis. Imagine being so insecure in yourself that you try to put down those who speak a native language of the country you allegedly inhabit, all because it's different and scary to you. That's absolutely tragic.

On top of that, you throw about terms such as "hipster", "woke" and the ever classic "libtard" like some old fart who hasn't a clue what they actually mean. It would be hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that there's a good possibility that some poor soul or souls have the embarrassing misfortune to have you as a biological father. Here's hoping they fall as far from the rotten tree as possible.
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CreatedTue 12th Oct 2021 8:50pm
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