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TitleThe Steamie - Tuesday 23 February 2021
**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](https://darksky.net/poweredby/)

Rain and dangerously windy until tomorrow morning.

Around 6 to 12 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.

**Today in Scottish History**

Today in 664, St Boisil, second prior of Melrose Abbey, died.
He followed St Aidan as prior and was succeeded by St Cuthbert. The modern village of St Boswells is named after him.

On this day in 1310 the Declaration of the Clergy and People in favour of King Robert I, was issued from the Church of the Friary Minor in Dundee. This was a significant step in giving legitimacy to Bruce's campaign against the English and also his claim to the Scottish crown.

**/r/GlasgowMarket Digest**

[University of Glasgow Social Psychology Study (10-20mins, native English speakers, ages 16-50)](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/lomcuf/university_of_glasgow_social_psychology_study/)

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[Car needed](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/lmtgey/car_needed/)

[iPhone XS Max - 64gb - Space grey - £320](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/llua3q/iphone_xs_max_64gb_space_grey_320/)

[Grand Theft Glesga Hoodie & T-Shirts](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/llkads/grand_theft_glesga_hoodie_tshirts/)

**Tune of the day**

[Oliver Conlon Music - The Twincam Song (Official Music Video)](https://youtu.be/DiHPeIOgHj0) (suggested by /u/WzKy)

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