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So I am due to get the house my family were raised in since the late 50s. It hasn't been decorated, or upgraded since the 60s. It has a lemon coloured small bathroom, a small kitchen last upgraded in the 80s. A converted loft (in the 80s) but well done. Making it a 4 bedroom house, Semi-D in the southside of Glasgow suburbs. It has amazing views over the city. Top of a hill. But, I am skeptical that I'll be able to sell it when the time comes. Do people pick up properties with a view to updating it themselves? Or will I be waiting several months to sell it? It's worrying me because I might have to spend thousands updating the bathroom in particular. It's a very sought after property that hasn't been on the market for 70 years.
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CreatedFri 11th Jun 2021 3:26am
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