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TitleThe Steamie - Friday 11 June 2021
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Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Around 10 to 18 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.

**Today in Scottish History**

11 June 1560, Mary of Guise, Regent of Scotland, died.
Mary was the wife of King James V and the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary replaced Arran as regent during her daughter's infancy and arranged her betrothal to the French dauphin. Her main aim was the union of her native France and Scotland, under French leadership. This, coupled with her unswerving support for Cardinal Beaton's repressive policies toward Scottish Protestants, made her a hugely unpopular figure within the country.

On June 11 1939, Formula One champion, Jackie Stewart, was born in Dumbartonshire. The winner of 27 Grand Prix and World Champion three times, Stewart remains one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport.

On this day in 1488 the Battle of Sauchieburn took place, where King James III and the Royalist army fought against his son and a collection of disgruntled nobles. James was wounded falling from his horse after fleeing the battle and was subsequently killed by one of the rebels who was pretending to be a priest.

**/r/GlasgowMarket Digest**

[Glasgow Themed Chess Set](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/nwldr8/glasgow_themed_chess_set/)

[Nice Camper Van](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/nv8hob/nice_camper_van/)

[WW2 German Bayonet £75](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/ntr9ti/ww2_german_bayonet_75/)

[Olympus macro lens - £50](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/ntlvlo/olympus_macro_lens_50/)

[Portable massage table - £50](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/nth5mf/portable_massage_table_50/)

[Affordable proofreading for dissertations, reports, and all other written work.](/r/glasgowmarket/comments/nsc193/affordable_proofreading_for_dissertations_reports/)

**Tune of the day**

[Red Rock Riviera - British Sea Power (Disco Elysium)](https://youtu.be/wGU7-VVIE2Y) (suggested by /u/LaRevacholiere)

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