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TitleQuestion for the gay guys (and anyone else who takes PREP)
Been trying to get a first time PREP appointment via NHS Scotland site: [https://nashonlinebooking.com/OnlineBookingSystem/en/appointments/booking/index#](https://nashonlinebooking.com/OnlineBookingSystem/en/appointments/booking/index#) but every time I check it says "No appointments available". I phoned sandyford and they said to "keep trying"... which I have been doing every morning and night for over a week now but there are never any appointments.


I've been told they release new ones every week. Unless they are being booked up within a few hours, this doesn't seem to be the case. Are there any other routes in getting PREP in Glasgow aside from this site?
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CreatedFri 26th May 2023 5:43pm
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