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Who lived at 18 Oakfield Terrace

Next door to 17 Oakfield Terrace                Next door to 19 Oakfield Terrace

Start - EndName, occupation and work address
1854 - 1858Duncan, John, tobacconist, 94 Buchanan Street
1859 - 1863Gemmell, John, procurator-fiscal, County Buildings, Wilson Street
1863 - 1868Brodie, G.L. (of W.B. Dick & Co., manufacturers of rivets, railway spikes, screw bolts, nuts & wood screws, Clyde Rivet Works, Mavisbank Quay)
1869 - 1881Alston, J. Carfrae, commission merchant (later of Alston Brothers, tobacco warehouse keepers, 27 James Watt Street) ; office, Virginia Buildings, Miller Street
1881 - 1884Gilchrist, A.L. Knox (of A.L. Knox & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 177 West George Street)
1885 - 1887Jackson, Wm., engineer (of Dunsmuir & Jackson, engineers and boiler makers, Govan Engine Works, Campbell Street, Govan)
1888 - 1888Allan, R.L., publisher and bookseller, Glasgow Bible and Book Depository, 143-145 Sauchiehall Street